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WARNING! Btcshade.io - is only one official clearnet domain.

Due to a big quantity of phishing attacks, all clients of the service should pay attention to website address in your browser.

What is bitcoin mixer?

Bitcoin mixer/tumbler is an anonymous service, that confuses the trails of Bitcoin transactions. The bitcoins sent to address generated by the server of mixer are divided into smaller parts. These parts are mixed randomly with similar parts of other coins in service reserve. So as a result, the client receives absolutely fresh and new coins.

How long does it take to mix bitcoins?

Our mixer works automatically. The service has large bitcoin reserve. Your coin mixing will be processed as soon as we have received your bitcoins on generated Bitcoin address. Then mixed coins will be sent according to the mixing time that you have set.

Do you record logs?

Our service doesn’t record logs and doesn’t store any data that can be used to identify our clients. We respect and support anonymity on web.

What if I suddenly closed the browser before getting confirmation of my transfer?

Please, don't worry. You don't need to stay at the page after you got incoming address. All transfers will be automatically processed according to your order.

What is the minimum transaction size?

We don’t accept transactions less than 0.01 BTC (minimum amount). All amounts smaller than minimum amount will be considered as donations.

What is the maximum transaction size?

We don’t accept transactions more than our reserve. You will be notified about maximum transaction size during the order process.

How long is incoming address valid for?

The generated bitcoin addresses are valid for 24 hours. It means that you have 24 hours to send your bitcoins to the generated address for mixing. Note, that future payments to that generated addresses will be ignored.

What if I use two or more forward to addresses?

When you add two or more "forward to" bitcoin addresses for mixing, the bitcoins will be randomly shared between these addresses. Also you can set your custom percentage distribution.

What should I do with the Letter of Guarantee?

Please, save the Letter of Guarantee file and keep it untill the end of the mixing process. You can delete the Letter of Guarantee file after you had already received your mixed bitcoins.

How many confirmations is needed to start mixing?

The mixing process starts after 3 confirmations of transaction.

What can I do if the TOR official mirror doesn't work?

If our TOR official mirror doesn't work it could be under DDoS attack. Please be patient and use our main website (btcshade.io)

I can't set up Service Fee & Mixing Time.

Please check if you are using NoScript or ScriptBlock addons in your browser and mark Btcshade.io service as trusted. Another reason could be - disabled Javascript in your browser settings. If Javascript is disabled in your browser settings you should enable it during the mixing process.

What is the main difference between Btcshade and other mixing services?

The main difference is in unique technique of our service. We mix bitcoins only with coins from our mining reserve. Server marks bitcoins of other users and excludes this coins from future mixing.